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Mi Windows and Doors Reviews

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  • Useless company. Don't waste your time.

    In my experience, MI Windows is 100% useless. USELESS! My windows have all failed and there's a lawsuit in which I was eligible to have them replaced. After submitting all of the necessary pictures, forms, homeownership proof, etc etc etc FIVE times, they still alleged to not have all the information they needed. I reluctantly gave up, decided my time wasn't worth all the hassle I'd gone through for nothing. Later, I inquired about replacing my window sashes (at my cost) and was informed I'd have to call a completely different company for a form of some kind because I... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    emilydh's Picture   emilydh    2 Comments   Comments
  • lifetime warranty

    I just ordered your windows through an installer, Paul Hemminger. I see that there have been many people saying that if there is a problem, you may send a new window but the homeowner has to pay to have the window reinstalled. After the class action law suite I am wondering if this would change? I am spending over 6,000 for new windows and I would be very disappointed if I had to pay twice for a window to be reinstalled if it was a manufacturer defect. More...
  • MI Window 3500 Series Seal Failure

    Contacted MI regarding seal failure on 3 windows which allowed mold and mildew to grow between the 2 layers of glass. According to them. I must measure the windows, submit my request for new window parts, pay for the shipping, and pay for someone outside of their company to remove the defective part and make the repair. That's a warranty? I might as well contact someone local to completely replace the windows with another brand. Ultimately it wouldn't cost much more. I would advise consumers to stay away from this product line. They don't stand behind their products. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    2015Fedup's Picture   2015Fedup    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible quality windows - MI Windows and Doors

    Stay away from these poor quality windows! My 8 year old windows are failing one by one. (Sadly I have a lot of their windows in my house) I reached out to the company and they said that since I'm not the original owner there is no warranty. Windows failing at 8 years old is just poor build quality. 4 windows failed in a 2 week period! Now 12 windows have failed since this summer! (sounds like a manufacturing defect to me) Do not buy unless you want to have to rip them out every couple years. MI does not stand behind their product. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    ericlight's Picture   ericlight    0 Comments   Comments
  • Certainteed window warranty

    After numerous emails, phone calls, submitted forms only to resubmit another form, pictures, copies of original label, and a $50 shipping fee - I receive the grossly wrong size glass and not even in a sash. No one said there wouldn't be a sash, was I suppose to assume this? I could replace one window sash for another. Who knows what a professional will charge for this labor on my great window with the "lifetime warranty". I would have been better off to call a local glass company for replacement. I've spent many hours trying to get a window replaced under its'... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    BelindaDoty's Picture   BelindaDoty    1 Comments   Comments

    I had installed MI (metal Industries) windows in my entire house. Almost starting the 3rd-4th year the seals started failing. I replaced many sashes over the years, but until they are all replaced the seals fail and fail. I presently have several fogged and discolored panels. I dont know if I should just replace the entire replacement window at this point. They are now 20 years old and a headache. The warrant expires at 10 years but starting at the 3rd year there is a cost incurred of the homeowner. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    ajp0007's Picture   ajp0007    3 Comments   Comments
  • Windows

    Very poor quality windows. I have had my house for just 9 years and the windows were installed when new. I have had to replace one or two windows each year. They will provide a replacement at no charge, but I need to pay shipping and install. I am now facing a replacement of a window I already replaced a few years ago. Stay away from this company! More...
    (Home Improvement)
    bevers's Picture   bevers    2 Comments   Comments
  • Warranty in question

    I have been in my home for 9 years. I have recently contacted MI Windows and Doors about the seals on their windows. They are stating that the windows are covered under the warranty and that they will replace them. However, I have to measure, pay for the shipping, and install or have them installed myself. Keeping in mind that any error in measuring would be at my expense. Also, when I asked why I would have to pay for shipping they stated that the warranty just changed as of 1/1/10. How does a warranty change? Shouldn't they be responsible, and stand behind their work? Any... More...
    (Repair Services)
    reallymadd's Picture   reallymadd    1 Comments   Comments

    My home was built in 2002 with the 8500 series windows and I now have 14 of 26 windows with seal failures. Since I am the 2nd owner of the home (the builder lived in it for a year) MI will not back the warranty so I'm stuck with an $8000 repair job and I'm guessing the other windows are soon to fail as well. Their customer service is horrible and rude, no help at all. Stay far, far away from MI because they do not stand behind their inferior products and you (or the person who buys your home from you) will pay dearly. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    cfdlab's Picture   cfdlab    4 Comments   Comments
  • Terrific service

    "Mi Windows and Doors" did a superior job of responding to my warranty claim for my 6 year old residential windows. These windows were made by a manufacturer that Mi bought out. The Low-E coating on several of the windows failed and I was able to track down Mi as the new owner of the business. They did not hesititate to forward the necessary paperwork for the claim and then soon after, sent window repair and replacement folks to measure the windows to be replaced. 2 weeks later my new windows were in place, all at no charge. More...
    (Interior Design, Home Repairs - Sponsored by SEARS)
    garystrand's Picture   garystrand    2 Comments   Comments

Mi Windows and Doors Reviews By Product

Mi Windows and Doors Comments

dsuter says: (4 years ago)
Bought our house new in 2001. Window seals on several windows failed, so windows fogged terribly, but they replaced them with new sealed windows approximately 2009. Now, 2015, most of windows (even the ones replaced) are terribly foggy again and hold condensation needing to be replaced with correctly sealed windows. Contacted MI several years ago regarding failed seals again and got no response. They have just been getting worse since then, with seals on additional windows leaking.

tellitlikeitis says: (4 years ago)
junk junk junk....Window World , Feldco, are also made by MI.I'll won't put then junk widows in my house even if they gave them away

doc170 says: (5 years ago)
Maybe MI should be relocated to China

Lizwiz55 says: (6 years ago)
My townhome was built in 2010.The front facing window on the 2nd level "fogged up" with condensation between the thermal E panes this winter,(both top and bottom panels).I sent MI the original sales receipt with the code for ordering that window that needed replaced.I paid them $25.00 to ship...They sent me only the bottom sash...and it was the WRONG SIZE???When I called to complain, the girl at customer service told me "You measured the window wrong"I told her I never measured the window because I sent them a detailed explanation of what I needed replaced with the builders' order /proof of sales with the window CODE on it!!She then told me I could pay them $300 bucks to have a service tech come here to measure and replace the window.Are you kidding me?Terrible service.And I am angry I have to pay shipping.That is just wrong!

Warrenton says: (6 years ago)
I have had 2 transom windows implode. The inner class shattered and was sucked in towards the outer window. The first one occurred 6 years after installation. The second one occurred almost 10 years after installation. The first one they sent a replacement window and had someone install it for me. The second one they want me to pay for shipping and for someone to install it for me. Not a good product at all.

tickedofinMilwaukee says: (6 years ago)
My window warranty is up next year. I have had to replace 2 windows prior to this year, paying for shipping. I have 1 window on order, this weekend I have found 2 more have failed. MI Windows new just how long to have a warranty. I would not recommend these windows to anyone. Biggest mistake I have made with my home. I should have used one of the local manufacturers. Lesson learned. If I could find a way I would take MI to court.

ollie1 says: (6 years ago)
My MI windows are less than one year, yes one year old. The balance system, which is flimsy plastic and flimsy pulley. They wanted to charge me $300 for replacement of parts and labor. They DO NOT stand behind their product. Had I seen all these complaints I would have made sure that my contractor didn't use them. I am devestated to say the least that I am apparently stuck with these inferior windows. RIPPED OFF!!!

khomeowner says: (8 years ago)
MI/Better Built Windows does not stand behind their products. My transom window "popped" builder says it is a faulty window, MI said they don't cover glass breakage. Have a lifetime warranty on the windows, but doesn't cover glass breakage due to a fault in the window? They blamed everybody from the builder to mother nature, fact of the matter is that multiple people in my neighborhood with the same windows have had the same issues. I work with vendors who sell this product and will be making sure my voice is heard loud and clear: Can't trust MI/Better Built.

malinda says: (8 years ago)
I also have these windows and i am the second owner. This house was built in 04 and i bought in 06 and have replaced 9 of the bottom windows becuse of fog and now i have really bad drafts from just the frame and can do nothing becuse i am the second owner and teh warranty does not transfer over and the co. no longer makes this window. They may stand behind first owner but i will never have this co's window ever!!!!!!

dchan says: (8 years ago)
I have had MI windows and sliding doors in my house for 10 years. I have replaced perhaps 15 or 20 glass panels because of broken seals and fogging - some 2 or 3 times - all on the sunny side of the house. I asked why so many failures and was told they got a bad batch of sealant at one time. Apparently they are still using it.

MDChill says: (8 years ago)
I had a home with 15 year old MI windows and the company stood behind their warranty better than any other company I have ever seen. I found out from doing some research that many builders "buy down" warranties so they get the windows at a better price. Many builders also cut corners on proper installation and blame issues on manufacturers. It took me about 2 months from my initial contact with MI but in the end all of my bad glass was replaced at no cost to me. I stronly doubt any other window company would have done the same on windows of this age.

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